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Theory, Method, & Validation

These articles develop the theory, explain the empirical method, and provide validation for JuDJIS’s measurement approach:

  • Kevin L. Cope, An Expert-Sourced Measure of Judicial Ideology (2024) (working paper) (theory, method, and validation) (working paper)
  • Kevin L. Cope, The Conceptual Challenge to Measuring Ideology, in The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Judicial Behavior (Epstein et al. eds.) (forthcoming 2023) (theory) [SSRN]
  • Kevin L. Cope & Li Zhang, A Hierarchical Dictionary Method for Analyzing Legal and Political Texts Via Nested Ngrams (2024) (text analysis and hierarchical ngram explanation) (working paper) [SSRN]
  • Kevin L. Cope, Ideology in the Federal Judiciary (2024) (working paper)